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We have been learning to add collections to find out how many altogether. The strategies we used to help us were:

– a number line

– materials such as counters and teddies

– drawing pictures

– counting on from the biggest number

We played lots of games and used dice and playing cards to help us learn. We had fun learning about addition.


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Hello Prep Y, thank you for writing on our blog. Your blog looks awesome! We love it! Your addition work looks cool. Your learning looks fun!
From Prep W 🙂

Hi Prep Y,
Great blog. I have really enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to reading more about what you are learning in class.
From Miss Fergusson 🙂

Wow Prep Y, you look like you have been doing loads of work on your addition strategies. I could tell during art that you guys has been practicing counting on when you were counting art materials. Good job!

Your blog looks fantastic!

Hi Prep Y,

I think it is fantastic that you have been using lots of different strategies for addition. I really like how you have used different colours to show your jumping on the number lines. I might have to get Prep Y to come and show my 5/6s how to use number lines for addition.

Thanks for sharing.

Miss Dearing 🙂

Well done Prep Y! Fantastic work!

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